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TDP-1 Tactical Defense Pen (Gray):

This pen was designed with the military and law enforcement communities in mind. One end is pointed, which could be used   as a very effective
defense tool while the other end is blunt and could be used as a control device. For more information and photos, click here.




Pat Cascio

Pat Cascio has more than 35-years experience in the martial arts, and he holds Black Belt rank in 5 styles of martial arts. He's also listed in "Who's Who In American Martial Arts" (Third edition). Cascio's martial arts style doesn't lend itself to competition, rather, it's meant for survival on the streets or the battlefield. With this in mind, he has designed several different types of fighting knives over the years. Cascio teamed-up with Ray Ennis, who has more than 35-years experience as a knife maker, to come up with a combat knife - the MIL-TAC Spec-Ops Warrior - that is suitable for everyday chores on the battlefield or mean streets, as well as being an excellent fighting blade.

Pat Cascio worked for the late Col. Rex Applegate for three years. During that time period, he worked on a number of projects with Applegate involving point shooting and knife fighting techniques. Applegate is well known for designing the Applegate/Fairbairn fighting knife - a knife that is legendary as a close combat blade. However, the A/F is a pure fighter and has very limited use as an all around combat or utility blade. Cascio believes that with the knowledge he obtained working for Applegate, and his many years in the martial arts, he came up with a better combat/field/fighting knife than the A/F.

The double-edge blade means this knife can be used as an effective fighting knife if the situation presents itself. However, the design of the overall knife lends itself to everyday field chores behind the lines equally well. And, Cascio believes that a knife is used more for daily chores than actual one-on-one combat. However, the MIL-TAC Spec-Ops Warrior can serve in both capacities with aplomb.

Cascio was also a student of the late Grand Master, John McSweeney, who introduced karate to Ireland. Cascio also studied McSweeney's methods of knife fighting, as well as Applegate's double-edge knife fighting techniques. The MIL-TAC Spec-Ops Warrior is suitable for use in circular knife fighting style of McSweeney, as well as Applegate's double-edge methods of employing a knife in a CQB situation.



2009 SHOT Show
Orlando Convention Center
Orlando, FL
January 15th-18th


Come and see us at the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida. We will be in Booth# 13113. For more information along with other upcoming MIL-TAC Events, click here.