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These additives are used to delay absorption is negative for hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg) cheap zoloft 50mg on-line. Additional mea- sures include the following: • Education of the public proven 50 mg zoloft, especially parents of young chil- Nursing Process dren generic zoloft 25 mg amex, regarding the importance of immunizations to per- sonal and public health. Include information about the Assessment diseases that can be prevented and where immunizations can be obtained. Written, accurate, up-to-date records help to prevent dis- • Ask if the client has had previous immunizations. If so, what symp- • Hand washing (probably the most effective method) toms occurred, and how long did they last? Administration of rabies formation may reveal whether tetanus immunization is vaccine may be needed to prevent rabies, a life-threatening needed. Current recommendations are Nursing Diagnoses to immunize children against rubella at 12 to 15 months • Deficient Knowledge: Importance of maintaining immu- of age. Further, nonpregnant and febrile reactions to immunizing agent women of childbearing age should have rubella antibody • Noncompliance in obtaining recommended immunizations tests. If antibody concentrations are low, the women related to fear of adverse effects should be immunized. Pregnancy should be avoided for • Risk for Injury related to hypersensitivity, fever, and other 3 months after immunization. The of serious bacterial in- 3 doses; age 15 mo, PedvaxHIB) protein increases anti- fections, including 0. A combination product containing all three antigens is available and preferred. Measles vaccine should not be given for 3 mo after administration of immune serum globu- lin, plasma, or whole blood Measles and rubella Mixture of live, attenu- Immunization of 15-mo-old SC, total volume of recon- vaccine (M-R-Vax II) ated rubeola virus children against rubeola stituted vial (Attenuvax) and rubella and rubella (German measles) virus Measles, mumps, Mixture of rubeola, rubella, Immunization from age SC 0. Then, booster in people who have doses (1 mL) every been bitten by poten- 2–5 y based on anti- tially rabid animals body titers. Therefore, precludes use of the tuberculin skin test for screening or early diag- nosis of tuberculosis. Contraindicated in clients with impaired immune responses Typhoid vaccine (Vivotif Suspension of attenuated High-risk people SC, 0. Keeping Up-to-Date with Immunization The main source of CDC recommendations is the Advisory Recommendations Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP, accessible at www. Department of Health and cally as additional information and new immunizing agents be- Human Services to advise the Secretary, the Assistant Secre- come available. Consequently, health care providers should tary for Health, and the CDC on strategies to prevent vaccine- update their knowledge at least annually. Other sources of information include the information regarding current recommendations is the Cen- American Academy of Pediatrics (accessible at www. Immune globulin (human) Given IM only To decrease the severity of he- Adults and children: exposure to (IG; IGIM) (BayGam) Commonly called gamma globulin patitis A, measles, and vari- hepatitis A, IM, 0. Gammar-P IV, Iveegam, Half-life about 3 wk May be given more often or in- Polygam S/D, Panglobulin, Mechanism of action in idiopathic creased to 400 mg/kg if clini- Sandoglobulin, Venoglobulin-S) thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) cal response or serum level of unknown IgG is insufficient. ITP, IV infu- Warning: IGIV products have sion, 400 mg/kg daily for been associated with renal 5 consecutive d dysfunction and failure and Sandoglobulin: IV infusion, death. Minimal dose, 125 units immunodeficient because of illness or drug therapy Infants born to mothers who de- velop varicella 5 d before or 2 d after delivery and premature infants <28 wk gestation CMV, cytomegalovirus; IgG, immunoglobulin G; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; HBsAg, hepatitis B surface antigen. CLIENT TEACHING GUIDELINES Vaccinations ✔ Appropriate vaccinations should be maintained for adults ✔ Women of childbearing age who receive a varicella im- as well as for children. Consult a health care provider peri- munization must avoid becoming pregnant (ie, must use odically because recommendations and personal needs effective contraceptive methods) for 3 months. This is important because immunizations are often times daily for 24 to 48 hours (by adults and children) to obtained at different places and over a period of years. Written, accurate, up-to-date records help to prevent dis- ✔ After receiving varicella vaccine (to prevent chickenpox), eases and unnecessary immunizations. Also, not know whether you have had the immunization or the use effective methods of contraception to avoid pregnancy disease, it is probably safer to take the immunization for at least 3 months after immunization. Immunization after a pre- ple may transmit the vaccine virus to susceptible close vious immunization or after having the disease usually is contacts.

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It combines with digoxin and amiodarone buy zoloft 25 mg with amex, quinidine buy 25 mg zoloft free shipping, nifedipine zoloft 50 mg cheap, and verapamil slow pulls digoxin out of tissues and into the blood- digoxin excretion and increase serum digoxin levels. When a hospitalized client is unable to take a daily but the drug is bound to the antibody and therefore maintenance dose of digoxin at the scheduled time be- inactive. Digoxin immune fab is given IV, as a bolus cause of diagnostic tests, treatment measures, or other injection if the client is in danger of immediate car- reasons, the dose should usually be given later rather diac arrest, but preferably over 15 to 30 minutes. However, if a dose is missed, Use in Children probably no ill effects will occur because the pharma- cologic actions of digoxin persist longer than 24 hours. Digoxin is commonly used in children for the same indications as for adults and should be prescribed or supervised by a pedi- atric cardiologist when possible. The response to a given dose Recognition and Management varies with age, size, and renal and hepatic function. There may of Digoxin Toxicity be little difference between a therapeutic dose and a toxic dose. These factors Recognition of digoxin toxicity may be difficult because of increase the risks of dosage errors in children. In a hospital set- nonspecific early manifestations (eg, anorexia, nausea, confu- ting, institutional policies may require that each dose be veri- CHAPTER 51 DRUG THERAPY OF HEART FAILURE 753 fied with another nurse before it is administered. ECG moni- dicate higher plasma levels with HF-induced reductions in toring is desirable when digoxin therapy is started. Also, the drug and its metabolites are ex- As in adults, dosage of digoxin should be individualized creted primarily by the kidneys. Digoxin is primarily excreted by the With milrinone, which is also excreted primarily by the kid- kidneys, and dosage must be reduced with impaired renal neys, renal impairment significantly increases elimination half- function. In general, divided daily doses should be given to life, drug accumulation, and adverse effects. Larger doses are usually needed to slow a too-rapid ventricular rate in children with atrial fibrillation or flutter. Differences in bioavailability of different preparations Use in Hepatic Impairment (parenterals, capsules, elixirs, and tablets) must be considered when switching from one preparation to another. Hepatic impairment has little effect on digoxin clearance, and Neonates vary in tolerance of digoxin depending on their no dosage adjustments are needed. Premature infants are especially sensitive metabolized in the liver and may be hepatotoxic. Dosage must be reduced, and digitalization increases in liver enzymes and clinical symptoms occur, in- should be even more individualized and cautiously ap- amrinone should be discontinued. If smaller increases in liver proached than in more mature infants and children. Early enzymes occur without clinical symptoms, inamrinone may signs of toxicity in newborns are undue slowing of sinus rate, be continued with reduced dosage or discontinued, depending sinoatrial arrest, and prolongation of the PR interval. Use in Critical Illness Use in Older Adults Critically ill clients often have multiple cardiovascular and Digoxin is widely used and a frequent cause of adverse ef- other disorders that require drug therapy. It may also be precipitated by because of decreased liver or kidney function, decreased lean other illnesses or treatments that alter fluid balance, impair body weight, and advanced cardiovascular disease. All of myocardial contractility, or increase the workload of the heart these characteristics are common in older adults. Management is often renal function leads to slower drug excretion and increased symptomatic, with choice of drug and dosage requiring care- risk of accumulation. All of the drugs should be used with caution in criti- increase serum digoxin levels and increase risks of toxicity if cally ill clients. Antacids decrease absorption of oral digoxin and should not be given at the same time. Herbal and Dietary Supplements Use of nonprescription herbal and dietary supplements is fre- Use in Renal Impairment quently not reported by the client even though one third of the adults in the United States use these agents. Significant inter- Digoxin should be used cautiously, in reduced dosages, be- actions can occur between supplements and prescribed drugs. Both loading and Ephedra may increase cardiac stimulation and worsen dys- maintenance doses should be reduced. Natural licorice blocks the effects of spironolac- renal impairment can achieve therapeutic serum concentra- tone and causes sodium retention and potassium loss, effects tions with a dosage of 0. Hawthorn should be used cautiously as it may in- neys (eg, fluid volume depletion or acute HF), digoxin may crease the effects of ACE inhibitors and digoxin.

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With others discount 25mg zoloft overnight delivery, antibiotics may cause diarrhea and subsequent malabsorption cheap 25mg zoloft visa. B-complex vitamins: (1) Cycloserine (antituberculosis drug) decreases effects generic 100mg zoloft with amex. By increasing urinary excretion of vitamin B-complex (2) Isoniazid (INH) decreases effect. When INH is given for prevention or treatment of tuberculosis, pyridoxine is usually given also. Methotrexate and phenytoin act as antagonists to folic acid and may cause folic acid deficiency. What evidence supports anticancer and cardioprotective How Can You Avoid This Medication Error? How do the vitamin requirements of children, older adults, proceed, clarifying whether vitamin K or KCl is ordered. It is likely and ill patients differ from those of healthy young and the intended drug is vitamin K because it is ordered in milligrams middle-aged adults? Nutrition in Nursing Notes: Apply Your Knowledge the prevention and treatment of disease. New Answer: Explain to Jim that injections are required for perni- Rochelle, NY: The Medical Letter. Cri- ach fail to secrete intrinsic factor, which is required for intestinal teria and recommendations for vitamin C intake. Monthly injection of B12 will be required for Medical Association, 281, 1415–1423. Identify client populations who are at risk for vitamin de- Pinkowish, M. Are fat-soluble or water-soluble vitamins more toxic in Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Geriatric clinical nutrition, includ- ing malnutrition, obesity, and weight loss. For an outpatient or home care client who is likely to have Textbook of internal medicine, 4th ed. Philadelphia: vitamin deficiencies, what information can you provide to Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. For a client who asks your advice about taking a multi- vitamin supplement daily, how would you reply? Discuss the chelating agents used to remove selected mineral and electrolyte imbalances. Critical Thinking Scenario Minnie Pearl, 62 years of age, has been started on a thiazide diuretic to remove excess fluid and decrease the workload on her heart. Why potassium supplements are especially important for cardiac patients on diuretics that are not potassium sparing. OVERVIEW that Na is a cation; the minus sign after Cl means that Cl is an anion. Therefore, the ions bone, teeth, cell membranes, connective tissue, and many are constantly combining and separating to maintain electri- essential enzymes. They function to maintain fluid, elec- cal neutrality or electrolyte balance. Acids are usu- Minerals occur in the body and foods mainly in ionic form. Bases are usually cations, such as sodium, potassium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) form positive ions or cations; calcium, and magnesium. If approximately equal amounts of nonmetals (eg, chlorine, phosphorus, sulfur) form negative cations and anions are present in the mineral residue, the residue ions or anions. These cations and anions combine to form is essentially neutral, and the pH of body fluids does not require compounds that are physiologically inactive and electrically adjustment. When placed in solution, such as a body fluid, the must draw on its anions (acid) to combine with the cations, components separate into electrically charged particles called render them physiologically inactive, and restore the normal electrolytes. Excess cations are excreted in the urine, form sodium chloride (NaCl or table salt).

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Studies of IC neurons in which GABAa receptors are blocked by bicuculline show that the magnitude and duration of sound-evoked responses greatly increase proven zoloft 100mg, suggesting that long-lasting GABAergic input normally suppresses a long-lasting excitatory input to the cell discount 25mg zoloft amex. In the same neuron discount 25mg zoloft, blocking glycinergic input with strychnine typically causes first-spike latency to decrease and total spike count to increase, but the dura- tion of the response remains short (Casseday et al. These findings suggest that glycine acts mainly to suppress responses to the early part of a pro- longed sound-evoked excitatory input, whereas GABA suppresses responses to a large portion of the sound-evoked excitation, especially the later part. These findings Brain Parts on Multiple Scales 73 are consistent with the idea that there is a narrow temporal window within which the cell can respond to a sustained excitatory input. Because di¤erent inputs to the IC neuron have di¤erent thresholds, rate-intensity functions, frequency tuning, spatial tuning, and other properties, the temporal relationship among the multiple excitatory and inhibitory inputs to an IC neuron changes parametrically as a function of physical parameters of the sound, such as its intensity or duration. This variable relationship is important for creating selectiv- ity to behaviorally relevant sound features such as its duration (e. There is a large body of evidence indicating that inhibitory neurotransmitters are involved in the specific processing mechanisms that allow auditory midbrain neurons to select specific types of information for transmission to the thalamocortical system and/or motor systems (e. However, it is likely that the massive amount of inhibition in the IC also serves some more global functions. One of these has to do with slowing the cadence of processing from that of the inputs from lower centers that are time locked to the fine structure of the stimulus to a slower rate that is matched to the rate at which motor actions are performed (Casse- day and Covey, 1996). A second global function has to do with keeping the amount of excitation that reaches the IC in check. In the lower brainstem, the auditory nerve diverges to create a number of di¤erent parallel pathways, all of which then converge at the IC (figure 4. If the outputs of all of these pathways were excitatory, the activity arriving via the auditory nerve would be amplified many times over. It seems reasonable to sup- pose that inhibition helps maintain the amount of neural activity at a relatively con- stant level while allowing the IC to integrate many streams of information processed in parallel. Evidence to support this idea comes from studies of audiogenic seizures, which can occur when there is an abnormally high amount of activity in the IC that is due to a pharmacologically or genetically induced deficit in GABAergic inhibition (e. However, GABA also plays a specific role at each neuron that depends on the precise ratio and timing of GABAergic input rel- ative to other inputs, as well as the adjustment of this ratio and timing according to the physical parameters of the stimulus. Responses to sensory stimuli are also determined by the number, morphology, location, chemical makeup, and temporal properties of synap- tic inputs from di¤erent sources, and the spatiotemporal pattern of activity of those synaptic inputs. A few good examples of the ways in which auditory neurons trans- form and integrate synaptic inputs include sharpening of the temporal precision of phase-locked responses in some classes of neurons in the anteroventral cochlear nu- cleus, comparison of input from the two ears to provide an estimate of the location of a sound source along the horizontal plane in neurons in the superior olive, and tuning to a specific duration of sound in one population of neurons in the IC. Intrinsic Properties and Temporal Precision As the auditory nerve enters the brain, each of its component fibers branches to inner- vate three major subdivisions of the cochlear nucleus, creating three separate represen- tations of the frequency organization produced by the cochlea. Within each of these central representations of the cochlea are multiple cell types, each with a characteristic morphology and biochemical makeup (for review, see Oertel, 1991; Trussell, 1999). In response to a low-frequency tone or amplitude-modulated sound, auditory nerve fi- ber responses are phase-locked (i. The top panels illustrate the phase-locked response of an auditory nerve fiber to a low frequency tone. The bottom panels illustrate the responses of a fiber in the trapezoid body, originating in the cochlear nucleus, to the same low frequency tone (adapted from Joris et al. Intracellular recordings from neurons in the cochlear nucleus have shown that the intrinsic properties of those types of neurons that preserve fine timing information or provide temporal enhancement di¤er in some respects from the intrinsic properties of other cell types in the cochlear nucleus (e. This means that the cell does not fire again as long as the depolarization step is maintained. Hyperpolarization typically results in a rebound and spike at the o¤set of the current step (e. These same cells also exhibit a low-threshold outward current that greatly reduces the excitatory postsynaptic potential (EPSP) time constant, limiting to less than a millisecond the time window over which successive EPSPs can sum (e. Given these properties, the bushy cells are able to follow high frequency input with great temporal precision. Because these cells re- ceive synaptic endings from multiple auditory nerve fibers (Oertel, 1999), they receive multiple estimates of the onset time of a sound or other auditory event. Following a hyperpolarizing step, there is a rebound accompanied by an action potential. After hyperpolarization, there is no overshoot (adapted from Manis and Marx, 1991). The out- put of the bushy cells is subsequently used for tasks that require fine timing analysis, including the measurement of phase di¤erences between low-frequency sounds at the two ears.

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Or would it be even more difficult of electrical stimulation is a means to enhance compared with herbal medicine? We have first the effects in modern situations where there is of all cheap zoloft 25mg overnight delivery, to look at the procedures involved and the insufficient experience on acupoint identification explanations given to the effects produced discount zoloft 50 mg free shipping. It is also con- Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin nee- sidered as a method of modernising acupunc- dles best zoloft 25 mg, through specific acupoints on the body ture. When electrical stimulation is used, placebo COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 81 becomes absolutely impossible because the elec- the spinal cord, loss of neurological and sec- trical stimulation is always felt. The considerations are further complicated by Acupuncture is widely used under such difficult the theories of acupuncture. Although many reports of impressive able theories–the neurological and the humoral. Scientific data coming from well- of the meridians and most of the acupunc- planned cohort studies for the observation of ture points are related to the peripheral nerves, functional restoration is still difficult to inter- stimulation of these points leading to physio- pret, since the damage could not be uniform and logical effects could be working via neurolog- the factors affecting the different aspects of reha- ical pathways, possibly through proprioceptive bilitation and functional return are multiple and receptors. However, one does not need to of functional factors which possess pain control get upset with the obvious limitations. An apparently harmless, non-productive action on out the absolute scientific justification for all the skin and soft tissue, imitating acupuncture, the rehabilitation attempts like different forms might trigger off similar effects and would be far of physiotherapy, massage, bracing and even from being a placebo. We are all acupuncture would be very difficult, if at all aware of the fact that we are not certain which possible. Randomisation would not be acceptable patient is the best candidate to receive which treatment. Carefully planned cohort studies aiming to Complementary medicine does not have any compare the effects of different means of pain history of modern scientific development. It control and other treatment expectations are built up its knowledge relying on observations therefore the only reasonable means to objec- and experience. Now that we try to make tively look at the clinical effects of acupuncture. The effects of puncture were com- these areas are not well served by scientific pared with conventional techniques using phys- medicine. Another common application for acupunc- The way to go about giving scientific expla- ture is the restoration of nerve function. Dam- nations to healing processes involves the appli- aged neurological tissues suffer from a real lack cation of methodologies that are well known and of regeneration. When cell way to start a scientific approach to clinical bodies are involved, either intra-cranially or in trials using traditional Chinese medicine would 82 TEXTBOOK OF CLINICAL TRIALS just be an application of the same methodolo- and patterns of use. The role of complementary medicine in would probably remain unfeasible in spite of urology. Development of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and its implications for lack of knowledge about the exact chemistry of orthopaedic surgery. Hong Kong J Orthopaed surg the active component of the herbal remedy when (2002) 6(1): 1–5. In: A Practical Guide to Chinese In spite of the essential difficulties, efficacy- Medicine. The Cochrane Collaboration: prepar- driven trials are still carried out, utilising prin- ing, maintaining and disseminating systemic re- ciples of evidence-based medicine. Ann NY Acad the scientific gap is successfully narrowed, the Sci (1993) 203: 166–72. Herbs of Choice: The Therapeutic use become safer, more logical and would deserve of Phytomedicinals. A review of the recent on complementary medicine should workout a literature. Clinical trials in Chinese medicine – REFERENCES the efficacy driven approach. NIH Consensus Statement Origin: Chemistry, Pharmacology and Use in (1997) 15(5): 1–34. Berlin: Sprin- tional medicine in the USA – prevalence, costs ger-Verlag, (1996).

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