Customization Services

In order to best meet the needs of our customers, MIL-TAC Knives and Tools offers a variety of custom services on their products. Some of these services include laser engraving and ceramic coatings of knives, logo etching or laser engraving on grips, ceramic coatings or various colors of G10 handles or micarta on knives, custom colors, and false edge sharpening. Below are some samples of our work. If you are interested in having custom work done or a specific project, please contact Craig Sword at craig.sword@mil-tac.com for further details.

Etching on MIL-TAC’s 1911 G10 Grips

Custom color for MIL-TAC’s 1911 G10 Grips

Ceramic coating on MIL-TAC’s CS-1 Knife and custom color on MIL-TAC’s 1911 G10 Grips

Embedded California Border Patrol Lapel Pin into MIL-TAC 1911 G10 Grips