After 15 years of working with military, law enforcement, and outdoor sports enthusiasts Craig Sword founded MIL-TAC Knives and Tools in Wylie, Texas in 2005. This foundation was easily accomplished in the North Texas area as it is home to a large manufacturing base and that has been supporting the United States military and law enforcement communities with products from tools to major aircraft and combat systems for many years. In addition, Craig spent the last 5 years working with major suppliers like Mission Knives and Tools and others to meet the requirements of the military, law enforcement, and EOD units that are now MIL-TAC customers. MIL-TAC Knives and Tools officially made its debut at Blade Show West in Portland, Oregon in September 2005 by introducing 4 new products. MIL-TAC is focused on manufacturing affordable knives and tools for the harsh environments that the military and law enforcement personnel face on a daily basis. Since its inception Craig Sword has added several new products to the MIL-TAC portfolio and has plans for many more exciting and innovative products.

MIL-TAC Knives and Tools believes in serving those who defend us on a daily basis. This motto can be found in every single model of knife or tool that we manufacturer. It begins and ends with our companies four major goals: design, components, manufacturing, and customer support.

  • Design – MIL-TAC Knives and Tools partners with the industry leading designers and continually takes feedback from our customers in order to continually improve our products
  • Components – MIL-TAC Knives and Tools only selects the highest quality components from rock solid suppliers so that our products exhibit excellence in construction in order to meet and exceed our customer’s high expectations.
  • Manufacturing – MIL-TAC Knives and Tools uses the finest manufacturing processes and procedures to ensure that the final product is both rugged and reliable. Your life may some day depend on our products and we take that very seriously as we take pride in creating the finest quality products.
  • Customer Support – MIL-TAC Knives and Tools strives to provide the best customer support in the industry. From the initial recommendations of a product through the lifetime warranty work, the customer’s satisfaction is our only true objective and that satisfaction is guaranteed.

In closing, MIL-TAC Knives and Tools is dedicated to those who put their lives on the line every day to defend our country, our heritage, our freedoms, and our way of life. As Ronald Reagan once said “No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.”

America has continued to be blessed with men and women who have the moral courage to stand for what is right in this world and the will to act upon their convictions. At MIL-TAC Knives and Tools, we know that our products will serve you well as you serve this great nation.

Striving to Serve Those who Serve Us,
Craig Sword
MIL-TAC Knives and Tools