I have two sets of the Mil-Tac stocks on 2 different 45 cal. 1911 models. One is a Springfield Armory TRP Operator with a full length light rail dust cover and the other is a 1911 Colt Series 70 that has a Sure Fire 6 volt light attached. The stocks provide an excellent hand to stock contact, especially with using lights and laser attachments. These stocks also have the most positive “grip” feel when my hands have been wet from rain or or from sweating I’ve ever encountered.

And most importantly. the stocks provide almost a “glue like” contact when wearing gloves. It does not matter what type of gloves worn, patrol gloves, swat gloves or even heavy winter gloves–there is no slippage or “odd contact” correction maneuvers that have to be done after shooting the weapon and then having to continually readjust your grip from the recoil. With these MIL-TAC stocks in place, once you have the gun seated in your hand it is the best “weld” of hand and weapon that I have ever felt in 28 years of law enforcement (with 24 of the years being a firearms and tactics instructor).

Colonel Paul R. Toth

Chief of Police , City of North College Hill, Ohio