Recently, I purchased a MIL-TAC CS-1 spear point with false edge (Texas legal) and the CS-1 Military Knife with a tanto point. I am retired military and LE (42 years) and a few days ago I meet with some old friends on a camping trip in the “high desert” of our USA. During this time both knifes were subjected to tests and chores I thought would be a good test of their strength, dependability and durability. These tests included (but not limited to) “spring loaded pop up cardboard targets on a course” and the Military knife was thrust through a car’s hood three times and twisted on removable. There was outstanding performance for the full seven days of camping! There were no failures, cracks, chips and only a few “swipes” redefined their edges (which really surprised me) because of the “abuse” they were subjected too.

In conclusion, both knifes are so well made and strong that I would “bet” my life on them! Congratulations to MIL-TAC and Craig Sword for their service and production of knives that will let you “live another day”!