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I have two sets of the Mil-Tac stocks on 2 different 45 cal. 1911 models. One is a Springfield Armory TRP Operator with a full length light rail dust cover and the other is a 1911 Colt Series 70 that has a Sure Fire 6 volt light attached. The stocks...

How Long To Get Augmentin Out Of System

How Fast Can You Wean Off Zoloft

I have received my Defensive Pen and I am very impressed. I am a Loss Prevention Officer for a department store chain here in Oregon and I am limited as to the "tools" I can carry for self defense by company policy. Handcuffs are about the only thing we...

Levitra Pharmacy Online

Where To Buy Benicar Hct

Thank you Craig!!! The quality is fantastic! The CS-1s in S30V are very impressive and I imagine will hold an edge for quite a while. I can see a lot of general purpose field use for the shorter, 9 1/2" CS-1. The CE-1 and CE-2 are everything you said they...

Cost Diflucan

Propecia Buy Cheap

I find the pen to be high quality product. I wanted the pen as soon as I saw the adv. in the police magazine and quickly justify the cost. It was very important to me that you chose to use a quality refill. I plan on keeping the pen with me when off-duty...

Doxycycline 100mg X180 Pills

Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung

I am very impressed!!!! I find your TDP to be an ingenious, readily available device that I can use in an emergency for self defense against an attacker. It is discrete, needs no holster and is clearly built with high quality materials and design. Oh, and...

Cialis Vs Generic Cialis

Cialis C50

The feel of the Tactical Defense Pen from Mil-Tac stirs memories of when writing implements were crafted and appreciated, not squirted from machines to be discarded. With this in hand, one never has to feel unarmed! Like an East Texas grass burr, Mil-Tac’s...

Flagyl Cost Publix

Weaning Off Celexa 10 Mg

Craig, Box came from you with folding knife and other tools, all distributed amongst my Team One Mosul. The guys are loving these items as they need and use them in a practical way. Please accept my heartfelt thanks on behalf of all of us here. Thank you...

Bayer Brand Levitra

Order Lopressor Online

I got home from work last night at 0200 and checked the mail and discovered that my TDP had arrived. As a former machinist prior to beginning my law enforcement career in 1990, I was impressed by the quality of the Tactical Defense Pen. The pen does write...

Ciprofloxacin Deutsch Online

Street Price On Seroquel

The Kimber grips are perfect!!! The panels are of excellent design and fit well. I also want to thank you for the Tactical Defense Pen. I believe I'll give up carrying my Kubotan in lieu of this pen. Far more subtle. Thank you again. I will return the...

Cost Of Doxycycline Tablets Boots